Some additional tests (27/04/09):

Some additional tests done after porting of a fix for bug #47090 from VOMS 1.8
  • re-installed the testbed
  • upgrade from patch #2713 to patch #2717 using this new repo for patch #2717
  • run the testsuite downloaded from here

check bugs:

  • BUG #46689: source code changes FIXED
  • BUG #46690: source code changes FIXED
  • BUG #46691: source code changes FIXED

Check Bugs:

  • BUG #39646: "edg-voms continues to run with no logs despite /var/log/glite not existing" FIXED
    • Start VOMS core with a LOGFILE parameter pointing to a non-existing directory, like for ex. --logfile=/var/log1/glite/voms.sa3test Check it throws an error message and exits, such as the following:
      [root@cert-voms-02 testsuite]# /opt/glite/sbin/edg-voms --conf /opt/glite/etc/voms/sa3test/voms.conf
      logging could not start!  Logfile /var/log1/glite/voms.sa3test could not be opened, and syslogging is disabled.

  • BUG #42601: "voms-proxy-init should accept -old option" FIXED
    • Issue a "voms-proxy-init --old" and check it is successfull

  • BUG #43942: "voms-proxy-info error for non standard location of CA files" FIXED
    • Issue a voms-proxy-init --key userkey.pem --cert usercert.pem
    • Change the certificates location, as for ex.:
      mv /etc/grid-security/certificates /etc/grid-security/certificates-new
    • Issue a 'voms-proxy-info', it should print out an error message like the following:
      [root@cert-voms-02 testsuite]# voms-proxy-info -all unable to access trusted certificates in:x509_cert_dir=/opt/globus/share/certificates
      Function: proxy_init_cred

  • BUG #44160: "Strange segfault in voms-proxy-init with erroneous command line" FIXED
    • Issue a "voms-proxy-init --key userkey.pem --cert usercert.pem --voms sa3test -+debug", it should return a message of the type:
      Found non option element -+debug in command line.

  • BUG #45132: "VOMS Logging, File logging can't be switched off." FIXED
    • Add specific option "--nologfile" in the "voms.conf" file di conf for voms
    • Delete the standard logfile under "/var/log/glite/"
    • Re-start VOMS and check if the logfile gets re-created by issuing a "voms-proxy-init -voms ..." for ex.

  • BUG #45133: "VOMS File Logging Fails when file history rotation not preserved." FIXED
    • Delete one of the sequence of log files, like for ex. " /var/log/glite/voms.sa3test.1"
    • Issue a "voms-proxy-init" and check the log file /var/log/glite/voms.sa3test gets populated regularly

  • BUG #45331: "voms-proxy-init -key XXX -cert YYY uses the DN from the hostcert/key" FIXED
    • Issue a "voms-proxy-init -key XXX -cert YYY" and check it is successfull

  • BUG #45941: "VOMS' expat.m4 is not 64 bit safe" FIXED

  • BUG #46605: "Proxies created by the 1.9.0 Java APIs fail verification" FIXED

  • BUG #46866: "[VOMS] validation of proxies created by java fails" FIXED

-- ElisabettaMolinari - 03 Feb 2009

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