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Check Bugs:

  • BUG #12578: "Error message mentions certificate when it means proxy" FIXED
    • Tested with an expired proxy certificate and the following was returned:
      Error: Error during SSL handshake:Either proxy or user certificate are expired.
      None of the contacted servers for sa3test were capable
      of returning a valid AC for the user.
  • BUG #18367: "ambiguous error message from voms-proxy-init"
  • BUG #18371: "voms-proxy-init giving unclear message: GGUS-Ticket-ID: #10466"FIXED
    • tested by issuing a voms-proxy-init with no file under $HOME/.glite/vomses and the message cannot find file is returned only if the '--debug' option is enabled
  • BUG #19217: "voms-proxy-init fails to report bad permissions: GGUS-ID 8871"
  • BUG #33326: "VOMS: voms-proxy-fake multi-VO support"
  • BUG #34705: "Clarify the user of option --hours in the documentation Softwareversion: glite 3.1, voms-proxy-init 1.7.22"
  • BUG #35346: "voms-proxy-init hangs on receiving data from VOMS server"
  • BUG #35535: "voms-proxy-init 1.8.3 gives confusing warning"
  • BUG #39642: "Man page for voms-proxy-init contains EDG bugzilla." FIXED
    • Checked with 'man voms-proxy-init | grep -i edg'
  • BUG #42919: "Cannot find file or dir: /afs/cern.ch/user/a/anduaga/.glite/vomses"
  • BUG #35535: "voms-proxy-init 1.8.3 gives confusing warning"
  • BUG #43942: "voms-proxy-info error for non standard location of CA files" FIXED
    • tested by doing the following:
      • create a proxy by using 'voms-proxy-init'
      • move the '/etc/grid-security/certificates' dir under $HOME/
      • do not define the env variable X509_CERT_DIR
      • try a 'voms-proxy-info', it should return the following
         voms-proxy-info -all
        unable to access trusted certificates in:x509_cert_dir=/etc/grid-security/certificates
        Function: proxy_init_cred

  • BUG #45146: "voms options (-quiet, -bits, -valid) and man page don't match."
  • BUG #45318: "gLite CE submission with RFC proxy chain failed"
  • BUG #46132: "[VOMS] bad warnings and errors from voms-proxy-init"
  • BUG #46382: "There is a vulnerability issue concerning VOMS"
  • BUG #49119: "VOMS Java API jar should follow glite package name conventions"
  • BUG #49614: "[voms-proxy-info] Voms proxy info -acexists flag broken?"
  • BUG #52394: "VOMS 1.9.x clients fail to compile when configured with --with-globus-flavor option"
  • BUG #52661: "Proxy generated by voms-proxy-init share the same serial number"
  • BUG #53450: "voms-proxy-init 1.8.8 fails silently on bad vomses file"

-- ElisabettaMolinari - 21 Oct 2009

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