• Normal jobs work: OK

  • Dag jobs work: OK

  • Collection jobs work:

  • Parametric jobs work: OK

  • Bulk jobs work: OK
    • Submit a bulk of 3 jobs
    • Submit a bulk of 50 jobs
    • Submit a bulk of 100 jobs
    • Submit a bulk of 500 jobs
    • Submit a bulk of 1000 jobs

  • Perusal jobs work:

  • MPICH jobs work:

Check bugs:

  • BUG #35250: "glite_wms_wmproxy_dirmanager does not extract links from tar.gz" FIXED
    • submit a dag job with the .jdl attribute AllowZippedISB=true set
    • Check the job finishes successfully

  • BUG #39903: "Fermilab proxy cannot submit to WMS SL4, they are ok with SL3" FIXED
    • submit a job using a proxy with UID or USERID in the DN
    • check that the sandbox gets transferred correctly and the job finishes successfully

-- AlessioGianelle - 02 Dec 2008

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