Certification report patch 2876

Author(s): Alessio Gianelle

Outcome: Testing

Clean installation

Upgrade from production

Test Suite Report

Stress test

Check bugs

Bug #33342 : separate retry policies for ISB and OSB TO CERTIFY

Bug #36292 : Not all attributes of a SA/SE coul be used in a gangmatching TO CERTIFY

Bug #39636 : Unable to use GT4-style proxy with WMProxy service TO CERTIFY

Bug #40982 : When a collection is aborted the "Abort" event should be logged for the sub-nodes as well /2 TO CERTIFY

Bug #44599 : WMS should consider MaxTotalJobs TO CERTIFY

Bug #45876 : huge lbproxy database on a dedicated WMS host TO CERTIFY

Bug #45883 : Optimization of resubmission TO CERTIFY

Bug #48636 : job wrapper should log events for truncated files TO CERTIFY

Bug #48640 : glite-wms-wmproxy to support graceful command TO CERTIFY

Bug #48703 : jobwrapper should consider trying the sandbox using different protocols TO CERTIFY

Bug #49844 : WMProxy does not catch signal 25 TO CERTIFY

Bug #50009 : wmproxy.gacl person record allows anyone to pass TO CERTIFY

Bug #52617 : [ yaim-wms ] host{cert,key}.pem in /home/glite TO CERTIFY

Bug #53294 : WMS 3.2 WMProxy logs are useless below level 6 TO CERTIFY

Bug #54728 : WMP finds FQAN inconsistency only if GROUPS are different, not ROLES TO CERTIFY

Bug #55122 : WM running but not processing jobs TO CERTIFY

Bug #55814 : the amount of information logged to the LB needs to be reviewed TO CERTIFY

Bug #56034 : Matchmaking with JobType=Normal does not take NodeNumber into account TO CERTIFY

Bug #56734 : ListMatch should consider also SDJ specification TO CERTIFY

Bug #56933 : WMProxy Server: gSoap needs to be built with WITH_IPV6 flag TO CERTIFY

Bug #58878 : Request for a feature allowing propagation of generic parameters from JDL to LRMs TO CERTIFY

Bug #58968 : Request for handling SMPGranularity attribute in the JDL TO CERTIFY

Bug #59781 : limit maximum sleep time in job wrapper TO CERTIFY

Bug #61315 : [ yaim-wms ] CeForwardParameters should include several more parameters TO CERTIFY

Bug #61557 : user job is not killed when proxy expires TO CERTIFY

Bug #62211 : [ yaim-wms ] Enable Glue 2.0 publishing TO CERTIFY

Bug #62709 : glite_wms_wmproxy_load_monitor has a problem with lvm partitions TO CERTIFY

Bug #64416 : the proxycache purger needs to be made compatible with the latest gridsite releases TO CERTIFY

Bug #68944 : Bug in ICE's start/stop script TO CERTIFY

Bug #70061 : WMS hates collections with 192 nodes! TO CERTIFY

Bug #70331 : glite-wms-create-proxy "ambiguous redirect" TO CERTIFY

Bug #70824 : environment values in JDL cannot have spaces TO CERTIFY

Bug #71438 : proxycache purger fails on symlinked proxy cache TO CERTIFY

Bug #71863 : JobWrapper tries to use "test -eq" for string comparison TO CERTIFY

Bug #73192 : Submission failed due to a credential problem TO CERTIFY

Bug #73699 : Wrong retry count computation TO CERTIFY

Bug #73711 : edg_wll_SetLoggingJobProxy with empty sequence code returns "no state in DB" TO CERTIFY

Bug #73715 : missing ReallyRunning event from LogMonitor TO CERTIFY

Bug #74221 : Perusal doesn't work with nodes of a collection TO CERTIFY

Bug #74259 : Previous matches information is not taken into account if direct submission is used TO CERTIFY

Bug #74577 : Wrong counter in ICE database is set at the job creation TO CERTIFY

Bug #74737 : glite-wms-wmproxy start removes fastcgi socket ! TO CERTIFY

Bug #75223 : wrong reason logged TO CERTIFY

Bug #75368 : ICE should log a DONE_FAILED to LB every time the job is going to be resubmitted TO CERTIFY

Bug #75402 : Synchronization loss between real validity of proxy and exp. time saved in ICE's database TO CERTIFY

Bug #77004 : Wrong myproxyserver string processing in ICE TO CERTIFY

Bug #77055 : "MyProxyServer: wrong type caught for attribute" for parametric jobs TO CERTIFY

Bug #77124 : WMS UI doesn't put the DSUpload_.out file in the OutputSandbox attribute list. TO CERTIFY

Bug #77325 : Env variables, ~ character are not correctly expanded in the WMS UI TO CERTIFY

Bug #77694 : Resource BDII for WMS needs to be revisit TO CERTIFY

Bug #77876 : While purging DAGs/Collections the CLEAR event is only logged for the parent node TO CERTIFY

Bug #78030 : Alternative GLITE_WMS_LOG_DESTINATION in the jobwrapper TO CERTIFY

Bug #78047 : LB Query timeout TO CERTIFY

Bug #78406 : [ yaim-wms ] yaim should set IsmIiLDAPCEFilterExt according to the supported VO(s) TO CERTIFY

Bug #78484 : [ YAIM_WMS ] Multiple parameter configuration added in condor_config.local TO CERTIFY

Bug #79141 : various bugs about parametric jobs TO CERTIFY

Preliminary tests

Pre Certification tests

-- AlessioGianelle - 2010-09-08

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