Report di Handover

Handover : 2012-05-28

Ticket open:

  • INFN-PISA 13404 (GGUS 82564): batch system problems; now they should be solved by some alarms still exists. Check it.
  • INFN-BOLOGNA 13406 (GGUS 82569): job submission failure

Keep a look to:

  • INFN-BARI tkt 13398: it seems that the site collects accounting data for only
local jobs, without the information about the VO. Without info about VO data are not sent to APEL central repository.
  • INFN-CATANIA tkt 13392: they are reconfiguring the HLR in order to recreate
the DB, since it was corrupted
  • INFN-CNAF: sometimes an error appears on Nagios for . The service administrator (Cristofori) knows the problem and there is a GGUS ticket (82294) already opened.

Handover : 2012-05-21

Ticket open:

  • INFN-ROMA2 13374 (GGUS 82355): sitebdii problems
  • INFN-PADOVA 13375 (GGUS 82357): SE problems
  • INFN-CAGLIARI 13373 (GGUS 82354: maybe a black out or a network problems
  • AREA-BO 13376 (GGUS 82359): SE problems
  • HEPHY-UIBK 13378 (GGUS 82361): SE problems
  • GRISU-COMETA-INFN-CT 13377(GGUS 82360): full disc partition on WMS
  • INFN-NAPOLI-ATLAS 13382 (GGUS 82364): SE problems

Ticket closed:

  • INFN-ROMA2 13374 (GGUS 82355): temporary failure
  • INFN-PADOVA 13375 (GGUS 82357): wrong installation of new server certificates
  • HEPHY-UIBK 13378 (GGUS 82361): dpm daemons stopped

Keep a look to:

  • INFN-NAPOLI-ARGO: 13354 GGUS 82175. This ticket expires on tomorrow. No
response from site admins: candidate to the next step excalation

Ticket on accounting:

  • grisu-cometa-infn-ct 13380: missing accounting data since 10 days
  • gilda-infn-catania 13379: missing accounting data since 11 days

Handover : 2012-05-14

Tickets opened:

  • (GGUS 82172) ISMB: BDII daemon is down or not responding.
  • (GGUS 82175) INFN-NAPOLI-ARGO: SRM service is down or not responding.
  • (GGUS 82177) UNIPERUGIA: No free CPUs are available for testing and job
submission hangs.
  • (GGUS 82018) INFN-ROMA2: SRM Internal Error. SToRM developers are in the
  • (GGUS 82182) GRISU-COMETA-UNICT-DIIT: BDII daemon not responding.

Tickets closed:

  • (GGUS 82141) INFN-BOLOGNA: CA expired. The CA have been updated.
  • (GGUS 82173) INFN-BOLOGNA: BE is down or not responding. The service has
been restarted.
  • (GGUS 82174) INFN-BOLOGNA-T3: BDII daemon down or not responding. The
service has been restarted.
  • (GGUS 82176) UNINA-EGEE: BLAH error. The problem was temporary and due to
electric power grid.

Handover : 2012-05-07

  • Hephy-Vienna(#81067): still in downtime
  • INFN-BOLOGNA(#81875): new ticket, no news from site yet
  • UNI-PERUGIA(#81902): ops jobs failed due to proxy expiration, site managers
solved purging the queue; the alarm is OK, please verify after some test cycles and then close in case.

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-- AlessandroPaolini - 2012-05-28

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