Upgrade to EMI-2

Start of EMI 1 decommissioning campaign on 04-03-2013

EMI 1 software will reach end of security updates and support on 30-04-2013 (http://www.eu-emi.eu/releases#MajRel).

In compliance to the EGI Service Operations Security Policy (https://documents.egi.eu/document/669) [1], unsupported software SHOULD be decommissioned before its End of Security Updates and Support, and MUST be retired no later than 1 month after its End of Security Updates and Support. After this date, if a critical vulnerability were to emerge in the software, EGI CSIRT can request the service to be turned off immediately [2].

Because of this, as of March 04 2013, Resource Centre Administrators will start getting alerts about EMI 1 products deployed in their site. Please check the list of your affected service end-points on the Operations Dashboard of your site: https://operations-portal.egi.eu/dashboard.

Purpose of these alarms is to:

  1. pro-actively alert administrators about the need to upgrade EMI-1 services before they reach end of security updates and support;
  2. collect information about decommissioning/upgrade plans of the affected products.

IMPORTANT. According to the EGI decommissioning policy [2], the decommissioning deadline expires one month after the end of security updates and support of the software. For EMI 1 products this is: 31-05-2013 [3].

EMI 1 software versions are in general detected through nagios tests, which query the information discovery system (BDII), on whose accuracy they depend on. On March 04 2013 alarms will be generated for the following service types (additional service types will get alarms after March 04 as soon as more tests are ready):

  • ARC-CE (test: eu.egi.sec.ARC-EMI-1)
  • CREAM-CE (test: eu.egi.sec.EMI-1)
  • LB (test: eu.egi.sec.LB-EMI-1)
  • MyProxy (eu.egi.sec.EMI-1)
  • Site-BDII (test: eu.egi.sec.Site-BDII-EMI-1)
  • SRM (test: eu.egi.sec.dCache-EMI-1)
  • SRM (test: eu.egi.sec.StoRM-EMI-1)
  • Top-BDII (test: eu.egi.sec.Top-BDII-EMI-1)
  • WMS (test: eu.egi.sec.EMI-1)

DPM decommission (20-03-2013)

The EGI monitoring infrastructure is now ready for detecting DPM services whose software version is affected by one of the following conditions:

  • DPM is part of the EMI 1 release or subsequent updates, thus getting unsupported after 30-04-2013
  • DPM is part of the EMI 2 release or subsequent updates AND the software version is < 1.8.6.
All EMI 2 version older than 1.8.6 are affected by vulnerability EGI-SVG-2012-2683 (https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/SVG:Advisory-SVG-2011-2683). The advisory recommends that sites update their DPM software as soon as possible.

Site administrators are requested to upgrade/retire EMI 1 DPM instances, and EMI 2 DPM instances affected by vulnerability SVG-2011-2683 by 30-04-2013. The hard decommissioning deadline is: 31-05-2013.

As of tomorrow, alarms will appear in the site operations dashboard:https://operations-portal.egi.eu/dashboard

Sites affected by DPM alarms will be contacted through a GGUS ticket by their NGI operators and will be requested to report on their upgrade plans and on any technical issue encountered.

DPM instances (EMI 1 + EMI 2 versions < 1.8.6) are detected through the following three tests:

  • eu.egi.sec.DPM-EMI-1 - looking for EMI-1 DPM in GLUE1 branch (doesn't cover version 1.8.6)
  • eu.egi.sec.DPM-GLUE2-EMI-1 - looking for EMI-1 DPM in GLUE2 branch (covers version 1.8.6)
  • eu.egi.sec.DPM-GLUE2-EMI-2 - looking for EMI-2 DPM in GLUE2 branch with version different than 1.8.6

Tickets for the middleware update

Tickets will need to be raised against sites by ROD teams to inquire sites about their upgrade plans. A template for these tickets can be found at: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/ROD_MW_alarm_template#EMI_1_retirment_campaign

For these tickets the special escalation procedure will be applied which is described at: https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/PROC01#Escalation_for_operational_problem_with_unsupported_MW_at_site.C2.A0

Information on the nagios probes

the middleware probes are executed by https://midmon.egi.eu/nagios/

Information on these probes are in https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/MW_SAM_tests

Sites status

BIOCOMP 14852 14896 IN PROGRESS entro il 28 marzo
CIRMMP 14854 IN PROGRESS aggiornamenti a partire dal 20 marzo
CRS4 14854 14911 IN PROGRESS entro il 28 marzo
FBF-Brescia-IT 14986 OPEN  
GRISU-SPACI-NAPOLI 14874 14985 IN PROGRESS entro aprile
IGI-BOLOGNA 14873 IN PROGRESS aggiornamento nelle prossime settimane
INFN-BARI 14876 14881 IN PROGRESS testing the new CE
INFN-BOLOGNA 14853 14883 IN PROGRESS entro Marzo (18 - 22)
INFN-BOLOGNA-T3 14859 14882 14884 IN PROGRESS entro Marzo (18 - 22)
INFN-CNAF-LHCB 14878 14885 14897 IN PROGRESS some issues found when installing the EMI-2 CREAMCE on sl6
INFN-FERRARA 14863 14887 SOLVED entro il 16 marzo
INFN-GENOVA 14877 14924 SOLVED  
INFN-LNL-2 14870 14919 IN PROGRESS aggiornamento graduale delle macchine, comunque entro il 30 aprile
INFN-NAPOLI-ATLAS 14868 IN PROGRESS entro il 19 aprile
INFN-NAPOLI-PAMELA 14856 14953 IN PROGRESS entro il 19 aprile (SE pił avanti)
INFN-PADOVA 14865 14888 14951 IN PROGRESS la prossima settimana
INFN-PARMA 14866 14912 IN PROGRESS ento il 29 marzo
INFN-PISA 14864 IN PROGRESS entro Aprile
INFN-ROMA2 14861 IN PROGRESS entro il mese
INFN-T1 14851 14889 14890 14892 14916 14197 14954 IN PROGRESS some issues found when installing the EMI-2 CREAMCE on sl6
INFN-TORINO 14850 IN PROGRESS entro il 12 aprile
UNI-PERUGIA 14849 SOLVED just updated
UNINA-EGEE 14848 14891 IN PROGRESS per la fine di marzo
-- AlessandroPaolini - 2013-03-04

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