Blah Functionality and regression Test Suite Documentation

Blah functionality tests introduction

The blah functionality testsuite covers the blparser tests described in the blah test plan.

Testsuite installation

The installation is needed only client-side. It must be done on an emi-ui. The blah functionality testsuite is included in the same package of cream regression testsuite and blah regression testsuite.

Be careful to maintain the installation order below because cream functionality testsuite installs all dependencies needed also by blah functionality and cream and blah regression testsuite.

  • CREAM Functionality testsuite installation


wget -O /etc/yum.repos.d/robot_testing.repo
yum groupinstall cream_testing_group
yum install cream_test

  • BLAH functionality and CREAM-BLAH Regression testsuite installation

Get the more recent version of the testsuite from GitHub repository connecting here and clicking on the button labeled "Download as .tar.gz"

cd <where you want>
cp  cream_blah_testsuite.tar <where you want>
tar -xvf cream_blah_testsuite.tar


  • CREAM Functionality testsuite configuration.

Customize the file /opt/cream_test/lib/

  • BLAH Functionality and BLAH-CREAM Regression testsuites configuration

cd <dir_created_by_untar_operation>
vi/gedit and customize CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME
vi/gedit ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/cream_blah_testsuites/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini and customize it

Notes on cream-blah testsuites configuration

  • When change the blparser configuration from new to old or vice versa do not forget to chenge the "parser_log_file" parameter value in ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini file

  • The test check_notifications_for_suspended_resumed_jobs.html is done supposing the jobs are suspended when in IDLE state. To satisfy this hypothesis it is used the configuration parameter "tot_cpu_num" in ${CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME}/lib/conf/cream_testsuite_conf.ini file
It is the number of jobs submitted to saturate the submission queue in use during the test (queue configured in the same file in "cream_queue" parameter).

  • The /site-info.def and /services/glite-creamce must be editable (it is changed and used for re-configuration during tests.

BLAH Functionality testsuite run:

At this point the regression testsuite must be run in the same shell where the environment is set. There are two options:

  • Run all the functionality tests in one command:

cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME/blah_testing/
pybot tests

  • Run the functionality tests one by one (preferred to save time in case of failure of one of the tests).
cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME/blah_testing/tests

pybot check_notifications_for_normally_finished_jobs.html 
pybot check_notifications_for_cancelled_jobs.html 
pybot check_notifications_for_suspended_resumed_jobs.html 

BLAH Regression testsuite run:

  • Run tests of bugs of old blparser:
cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME/blah_regression/tests
pybot only_new_parser

  • Run tests of bugs of new blparser:
cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME/blah_regression/tests
pybot only_old_parser

  • Run generic bugs presents in both situations (old and new blparsers):
cd $CREAM_TESTSUITE_HOME/blah_regression/tests
pybot bug*.html

-- SaraBertocco - 2012-06-25

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