DGAS Sensors v. 4.0.13 - Extended Release Notes


  • dgas-common
  • dgas-hlr-clients
  • dgas-hlr-sensors
  • dgas-hlr-sensors-producers


  • Provides the basic set of DGAS (Distributed Grid Accounting System) accounting sensors, which can parse the LRMS and grid-jobmanager accounting logs and produce Usage Records for each job and send them to an accounting server.
  • Supported LRMS are: LSF,PBS/Torque,SGE,Condor

Changes since previous releases.

  • The collector daemon now processes always file in forward direction (from older to newer record).
  • Improvements have been made in logging calls with log messages being buffered. This allows to lower the CE resource consumption.-
  • Cycle throttling is now being performed on with random sleep times allowing for better performance.
  • The collector daemon now respect the maxNumRecords value in the configuration file.
  • It is now possible to set a timeout for plugin producers called by the pushd daemon.
  • emicar record format plugin is now available.
  • the activemq record publisher has been refactored. Allowing for a broader range of options of the JMS specificatio nto be used.
  • A file input version of the pushd daemon is available as well. allows to publish over AMQ third-party produced messages.
  • added collectorPollInterval to configuration parameters. Allow to slow down collector idle cycle independently from pushd for better tuning of performance consumption.
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