HLR Server v. 4.0.13 - Extended Release Notes


  • dgas-common
  • dgas-hlr-services
  • dgas-hlr-consumers


  • Provides the DGAS services.

Changes since previous releases.

  • Software now install under standard file system path
  • DB management code refactoring resulting in overall increased performances
  • Improved service architecture to include ActiveMQ message consumer.
  • Introduction of Apache Active MQ transport layer to fetch record from compatible CEs.
  • Pluggable architecture for parsing records coming through the ActiveMQ consumer.
  • Usage Record : added numNodes field.
  • Added parsing capability for OGF UR v1.0 and EMICAR v1.0 (when feeded through ActiveMQ)
  • Added command dgas-hlr-populateJobTransSummary, which converts RAW usage records to records ready to be sent to upper level HLRs and to be queried by the dgas-query command.
  • dgas-hlr-translatedb now is simplified and used just for DB maintenance and upgrade purposes.
  • Added 'lazy' accountCheckPolicy. CE can now be registered and granted permission to publish on the basis of their DN. This newly introduced functionality is going to replace the old account creation mechanism which is now deprecated.
  • New algorithm to determine records that still need to e sent to upper level HLRs. This avoids the infamous 'republish all' bug.
  • Added bulk insert for records on second level HLRs. This increases performances.
  • Queries through dgas-query can be performed on tables different than jobTransSummary.
  • EXPLAIN queries are now allowed by the dgas-query command.
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