IGI Release (based on EMI/UMD) 04 - 17/10/2012

Dear site-admins,

There are available new services in IGI Release, based on middleware services developed by IGI & EMI:

  • first release of HLR Server (Service) v. 4.0, SL5/86_64
  • updated version of DGAS Sensors, v. 4.0.13, available both for SL5 & SL6, x86_64, corresponding to EMI 1 & EMI 2

Release Notes:

  • HLR Server:
    • software now installs under standard file system path
    • DB management code refactoring resulting in overall increased performances
    • improved service architecture to include ActiveMQ message consume
    • introduction of Apache Active MQ transport layer to fetch record from compatible CEs.
    • pluggable architecture for parsing records coming through the ActiveMQ consumer
    • added parsing capability for OGF UR v1.0 and EMICAR v1.0 (when feeded through ActiveMQ)
    • New algorithm to determine records that still need to e sent to upper level HLRs. This avoids the infamous 'republish all' bug.
    • Added bulk insert for records on second level HLRs. This increases performances.

  • DGAS Sensors:
    • the collector daemon now processes always file in forward direction (from older to newer record).
    • improvements have been made in logging calls with log messages being buffered. This allows to lower the CE resource consumption.
    • cycle throttling is now being performed on with random sleep times allowing for better performance.
    • it is now possible to set a timeout for plugin producers called by the pushd daemon.
    • emicar record format plugin is now available.
    • the activemq record publisher has been refactored. Allowing for a broader range of options of the JMS specificatio nto be used.
    • a file input version of the pushd daemon is available as well. Allows to publish over AMQ third-party produced messages.
    • added collectorPollInterval to configuration parameters. Allow to slow down collector idle cycle independently from pushd for better tuning of performance consumption.

Extended Release Notes:





  • WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND NOT TO USE AUTOMATIC UPDATE PROCEDURE OF ANY KIND on the IGI/EMI middleware repositories and EPEL (you can keep it turned on for the OS). You should read the update information provided by each service and do the upgrade manually when an update has been released.

Please read *carefully* the instructions before applying them and in case of doubts don't hesitate to contact us: (grid-release@lists.italiangrid.it).

For any problems don't hesitate to contact us. Thank you for your attention, IGI Release Team

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