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Profile - Service Metapackages INSTALLATION Nodetypes CONFIGURATION EMI-1 release EMI-2 release EMI-3 release IGI notes
ARGUS emi-argus ARGUS_server ARGUS v. 1.4.0 ARGUS v. 1.5.0 ARGUS v. 1.6.1 -
BDII Site emi-bdii-site BDII_site BDII site v. 1.1.0 BDII site v. 1.1.0 BDII site v. 1.2.1 Validated by IGI Release
IGI Documentation BDII site
Pay attention to set properly SITE_OTHER_GRID, SITE_OTHER_EGI_NGI variables
BDII Top emi-bdii-top BDII_top BDII top v. 1.0.2 BDII top v. 1.0.2 BDII top v. 1.1.4 Validated by IGI Release
IGI Documentation BDII Top
CREAM emi-cream-ce creamCE CREAM, v. 1.13.4 CREAM v. 1.14.1 CREAM v. 1.16.2 Validated by IGI Release
IGI Documentation CREAM CE
Added igi_dgas_sensors profile (Please have look above)
DGAS_sensors igi-dgas_sensors DGAS_sensors DGAS-sensors v.4.0.2 - - Validated by IGI Release
DGAS_sensors are no more distribuited by EMI. In the IGI repository there are newer rpms version.
You have to install and configure them using IGI Documentation DGAS_sensors
DPM emi-dpm_mysql
DPM v. 1.8.3 DPM v. 1.8.4 DPM v. 1.8.7 -
EMI UI emi-ui UI EMI-UI v.1.0.0 EMI UI v. 2.0.1-1 EMI UI v. 3.0.3 Validated by IGI Release
IGI Documentation UI
EMI WN emi-wn WN EMI-WN v.1.0.0 EMI WN v. 2.0.1-1 EMI WN v. 3.0.0 Validated by IGI Release
Pay attention in IGI release there are more metapackages and nodetypes including the Batch Server installation and configuration. Please have a look to IGI Documentation WN
FTS emi-fts_oracle
FTS v. 2.2.8 FTS v. 2.2.8 FTS3 v. 3.0.0 -
gLExec-wn emi-glexec_wn glite-GLEXEC_wn gLExec-wn v. 1.0.1 gLExec-wn v. 1.1.1 gLExec-wn v. 1.2.1 -
glite MPI glite-mpi MPI_CE
gLite-MPI, v. 1.2.0 gLite-MPI v. 1.4.0-1 MPI v. 1.5.3 Validated by IGI Release
Pay attention in WNs you have to install also the MPI implementation.
Have a look to IGI Documentation MPI
HLR igi-hlr HLR - -   Certified by IGI Release
The HLR is not an EMI product. You have to follow the IGI Documentation HLR instructions
L&B emi-lb LB L&B, v. 3.1.0 L & B v. 3.2.9   -
LFC emi-lfc_mysql
LFC v. 1.8.3 LFC v. 1.8.4 LFC v. 1.8.7 -
StoRM-SE emi-storm-backend-mp
StoRM SE, v. 1.8.3 StoRM SE v. 1.10.0 STORM v. 1.11.3 Validated by IGI Release
There are more metapackages and nodetypes but the default ones are the 3 mentioned.
For more details have a look to IGI Documentation StoRM
Torque Server emi-torque-server
TORQUE server v. 1.0.0-1 TORQUE server v. 1.0.0-2 TORQUE server config v. 1.0.1-2 Validated by IGI Release
Torque WN emi-torque-client TORQUE_client TORQUE WN v. 1.0.0-1 TORQUE WN v. 1.0.0-2 TORQUE WN config v. 1.0.0-3 Validated by IGI Release
VOMS emi-voms-mysql
VOMS VOMS, v. 2.0.7 VOMS, v. 2.0.8 VOMS v. 3.0.0 -
WMS emi-wms WMS WMS v. 3.3.8 WMS v. 3.4.0 WMS v. 2.6.2 -
WNoDES wnodes
- - WNoDES v. 2.0.3-3 WNoDES v. 3.0.0 -
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