VOMS: How to restore a VO on a slave server

If something goes wrong with a slave VOMS server and nothing else you can try, you have to restore the database on the slave. For example, consider to have a problem with argo VO database.

* Delete the VO (including the database)

/usr/sbin/voms-admin-configure.py remove --undeploy-database --vo=argo

* Re-create the VO

/usr/sbin/voms-admin-configure.py install --vo=argo --dbtype mysql

* Start the VO

/etc/init.d/voms-admin start argo

* Configure the replica (assuming that your /etc/my.cnf is OK)

/root/voms-scripts/next_replicas.sh --master-db=voms_argo --db=voms_argo

* Restart the VO

/etc/init.d/voms restart argo
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