IGI gLite 3.2 x86_64 Update 26/27(SL5) - 10/06/2011

NOTES (read before start to update)

Please be aware that because of the IMPORTANT NOTE 2 below, the installation/configuration of two or more profiles/node-types on the same machine is no more supported!!!

Due to conflicts between new and old versions of various packages the repository ''glite-generic'' should be disabled: # mv /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-generic.repo /etc/yum.repos.d/glite-generic.repo.disabled # yum clean all

Download the last repo of lcg-CA and remember to cancel the old lcg-ca.repo:



  • SE_dcache_[info,dcache_nameserver_chimera,pool,srm] :
    New version of SE_dcache_* (Priority HIGH):
    - This patch addresses the vulnerability EGI #1569
    Release Notes: Release Notes for dcache-server 1.9.5-25 can be found here

  • ig-yaim:
    - New version containing fix for tkt #9934


It means that all the previous updates have to been applied before the last one:

Reference gLite Update

* gLite 3.2 x86_64 Updates:

  • gLite 3.2 Update 26 - 06/04/2011
  • gLite 3.2 Update 27 - 07/04/2011

Reference packages

Package Version
ig-metapackages ig25_sl5
''ig-yaim'' 4.0.14-5
''ig-yaim-core'' 4.0.14-1


Checking/Updating YUM configuration

Repository settings

Please check the instructions you find at the following link:

IGI Repository settings for gLite 3.2

yum-autoupdate settings:

As good practice is suggested to disable the yum-autoupdate service. Any other settings is decided at site-manager own risk!

To disable the service it is available the following script "disable_yum.sh" (thanks Giuseppe Platania) that can be used to REALLY disable yum-autoupdate.

Updating profiles

Find your nodetype and carefully follow the corresponding actions.

Profiles Metapackages*
Service restart Partial reconf Total reconf Actions Notes
SE_dcache_info ''SE_dcache_info'' ''SE_dcache_info'' - - - Nodetype_reconfiguration
SE_dcache_nameserver_chimera ''SE_dcache_nameserver_chimera'' ''SE_dcache_nameserver_chimera'' - - - Nodetype_reconfiguration
SE_dcache_pool ''SE_dcache_pool'' ''SE_dcache_pool'' - - - Nodetype_reconfiguration
SE_dcache_srm ''SE_dcache_srm'' ''SE_dcache_srm'' - - - Nodetype_reconfiguration


Each of the following sections reports the actions that may be follow in order to upgrade your profiles. Please execute ONLY the actions listed on the table above in the column "Actions" and in the row corresponding to your profile!

Metapackage update

Please see yum tips for additional information about YUM.

  • Update YUM metadata and install the new rpms.

yum clean all
yum install 

Please remember that on case of WN you should use the "groupinstall":

yum groupinstall ig_WN_torque

Editing local configuration files

* In the last updates many variables have been changed or moved to ''services'' and ''defaults'' directories. Please carefully check your ''<site-info.def>'' and files under ''services/'' and ''nodes/'' directories comparing to the new ones distributed with latest released ''yaim'' modules. For example you can use ''vimdiff'' like here below:

vimdiff /opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo/ig-site-info.def 

You may find more detailed information on configuration files structure here:

and on configuration variables here:

Nodetype reconfiguration

IMPORTANT: /services directory

Please ensure that you have all the NEEDED configuration files under your ''/services'' directory (for example: ''ig-se_dpm_mysql'', ''ig-se_dpm_disk'', ...).

For any details please refer to the reference "IGI YAIM configuration files”

  • Reconfigure the nodetype

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/ig_yaim -c -s  -n 

Where '''' is one of the nodetypes listed in the "Nodetypes" column of the table above.

Middleware services restart

Look at your ''chkconfig'' services list and restart all middleware-related service:

chkconfig --list | grep 3:on | sort

Then restart with:

service  restart

Profile first installation

* Follow the IGI Installation and Configuration Guide for gLite 3.2 SL5 x86_64

-- SergioTraldi - 2012-02-01

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