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Country State FirstName LastName OrganizationSorted ascending
Switzerland   Alberto Di Meglio CERN
Italy   Alessio Gianelle INFN
Italy   Andrea Ferraro INFN
Italy   Giuseppe La Rocca INFN - Catania
Italy   Enrico Fattibene INFN - CNAF
Italy   Vincenzo Ciaschini INFN CNAF
Italy PD Andrea Caltroni INFN, Padova
Italy   Paolo Veronesi INFN-CNAF
Italy   Daniele Cesini INFN-CNAF
Italy   Alessandro Paolini infn-cnaf
Italy   Giuseppe Misurelli INFN-CNAF
Italy   Alessandro Cavalli INFN-CNAF
Italy   Andrea Cristofori INFN-CNAF
Greece   Aristotelis Kretsis  
Italy   Stefano Longo  
Italy   Marco Verlato  
Italy   Eric Frizziero  
Italy   Lisa Zangrando  
Italy   Diego Michelotto  
Italy   Andrea Valentini Albanelli  
Italy   Matteo Panella  
Italy   Luisa Carracciuolo  
Italy   Andrea Ceccanti  
Italy   Enrico Vianello  
Italy   Alvise Dorigo  
Italy   Vania Boccia  
Italy   Michele Dibenedetto  
Italy   Paolo Andreetto  
Italy   Marco Caberletti  
Italy   Matteo Manzali  
Italy   Roberto Alfieri  
Italy   Daniele Andreotti  
Italy   Davide Salomoni  
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