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APEL Deployment

We are changing the accounting system used in our infrastructure, from DGAS to APEL and the procedure is quite simple.

Each resource centre needs to install a new node (the APEL Publisher) which receives the accounting information sent from the CE(s) by the APEL parser. Then the APEL publisher sends the data to the central database using the messaging infrastructure.

In the past months we tested two scenarios:

  • the accounting data are sent directly to the central databse (canonic installation)
  • the accounting data are sent to FAUST and to the central database

and we chose the second one


you need to register the APEL publisher in the GOC-DB and ask the APEL team to authorize the publisher in sending the data: do it by means of a GGUS ticket (see GGUS #106084 as example). Follow the instructions here https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/MAN09_Accounting_data_publishing

APEL Publisher Installation and Configuration

Follow the EMI3 generic installation guide and the APEL one https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/EMI/EMI3APELClient/APEL_Publisher_System_Administrator_Guide.pdf

Don't start the apelclient and don't set it in the daily cron until you receive the OK by the APEL team.

Remember to use the testing queue of the broker network during the first days (see again https://wiki.egi.eu/wiki/MAN09_Accounting_data_publishing): the APEL team will inform you when using the production queue.

Sending the data to FAUST

In order to send the accounting data also to FAUST, after installing and configuring the APEL Publisher as explained in the section above, follow the instructions https://github.com/andreaguarise/ssm-dupl-send

this mean that instead of apelclient script, you have to use the ssm-dupl-send.sh one

Among the important paramaters to set in the faust-sender.cfg there are the following ones:

host: dgas-broker.to.infn.it
port: 61613

use_ssl: false

destination: apel.test.input

NOTA: per Tier1 e Tier2 verrą usata una coda dedicata:

destination: apel.<SITE-NAME>.input

Ad esempio, nel caso di INFN-PISA, nel file faust-sender.cfg andrą impostata:

destination: apel.INFN-PISA.input

  • Example of the cron:
cat /etc/cron.d/ssm-dupl-send 
# Run APEL client once daily
05 01 * * * root /root/bin/ssm-dupl-send.sh

APEL Parser Installation and Configuration

Install and configure the APEL parser on each computing element of your resource centre.

Follow the EMI3 generic installation guide and the APEL one https://twiki.cern.ch/twiki/pub/EMI/EMI3APELClient/APEL_Parsers_System_Administrator_Guide.pdf

Don't make parse the blah and batch server logs older than one month before to the current one.

you can launch the apelparser script after the setting-up of the apelclient database

an example of the cron:

cat /etc/cron.d/apelparser 
# Run APEL parser once daily
04 22 * * * root /usr/bin/apelparser

What about DGAS sensors?

you may leave active the dgas sensors: just request to NGI_IT to disable the data sending from DGAS to APEL for your site

-- AlessandroPaolini - 2014-06-13

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