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Notes about Installation and Configuration of a Torque server (no cream) - EMI-2 - SL6 x86_64

  • These notes are provided by site admins on a best effort base as a contribution to the IGI communities and MUST not be considered as a subsitute of the Official IGI documentation.
  • This document is addressed to site administrators responsible for middleware installation and configuration.
  • The goal of this page is to provide some hints and examples on how to install and configure an EMI torque server based on EMI-2 middleware.


  1. About IGI - Italian Grid infrastructure
  2. About IGI Release
  3. EMI-2 Release
  4. Yaim Guide
  5. TOBE CHANGED - site-info.def yaim variables
  6. TOBE CHANGED - site-BDII yaim variables
  7. Troubleshooting Guide for Operational Errors on EGI Sites
  8. Grid Administration FAQs page

Service installation

O.S. and Repos

  • Starts from a fresh installation of Scientific Linux 6.x (x86_64).
# cat /etc/redhat-release 
Scientific Linux release 6.2 (Carbon)

* Install the additional repositories: EPEL, Certification Authority, EMI-2

# yum install yum-priorities yum-protectbase epel-release
# rpm -ivh http://emisoft.web.cern.ch/emisoft/dist/EMI/2/sl6/x86_64/base/emi-release-2.0.0-1.sl6.noarch.rpm

# cd /etc/yum.repos.d/
# wget http://repo-pd.italiangrid.it/mrepo/repos/egi-trustanchors.repo

  • Be sure that SELINUX is disabled (or permissive). Details on how to disable SELINUX are here:

# getenforce 

yum install

# yum clean all
Loaded plugins: downloadonly, kernel-module, priorities, protect-packages, protectbase, security, verify, versionlock
Cleaning up Everything

# yum install ca-policy-egi-core
# yum install emi-torque-server emi-torque-utils 

Service configuration

You have to copy the configuration files in another path, for example root, and set them properly (see later):
# cp -vr /opt/glite/yaim/examples/siteinfo .


Create the directory siteinfo/vo.d and fill it with a file for each supported VO. You can download them from HERE

users and groups

You can download them from HERE.


KISS: Keep it simple, stupid! For your convenience there is an explanation of each yaim variable. For more details look HERE.
# cat siteinfo/site-info.def 

VOS="comput-er.it dteam igi.italiangrid.it infngrid ops gridit"
QUEUES="cert prod"
CERT_GROUP_ENABLE="dteam infngrid ops /dteam/ROLE=lcgadmin /dteam/ROLE=production /ops/ROLE=lcgadmin /ops/ROLE=pilot /infngrid/ROLE=SoftwareManager /infngrid/ROLE=pilot"
PROD_GROUP_ENABLE="comput-er.it gridit igi.italiangrid.it /comput-er.it/ROLE=SoftwareManager /gridit/ROLE=SoftwareManager /igi.italiangrid.it/ROLE=SoftwareManager"



WN list

Set in this file the WNs list, for example:
# less /root/siteinfo/wn-list.conf

munge configuration

  • generate a key by launching /usr/sbin/create-munge-key
# ls -ltr /etc/munge/
total 4
-r-------- 1 munge munge 1024 Jan 13 14:32 munge.key

  • Copy the key, /etc/munge/munge.key to every host of your cluster, adjusting the permissions:
# chown munge:munge /etc/munge/munge.key

  • Start the munge daemon on each node:
# service munge start
Starting MUNGE:                                            [  OK  ]

# chkconfig munge on

yaim check

Verify to have set all the yaim variables by launching:
# chmod -R 600 siteinfo/

# /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -v -s siteinfo/site-info.def -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils
   INFO: YAIM terminated succesfully.

yaim config

# /opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -c -s siteinfo/site-info.def -n TORQUE_server -n TORQUE_utils
   INFO: YAIM terminated succesfully.

Service Checks

TORQUE checks

  • check the pbs settings:
# qmgr -c 'p s'
  • check the WNs state
# pbsnodes -a

maui settings

  • In order to reserve a job slot for test jobs, you need to apply some settings in the maui configuration (/var/spool/maui/maui.cfg). Suppose you have enabled the test VOs (ops, dteam and infngrid) on the "cert" queue and that you have 8 job slots available. Add the following lines in the maui.cfg files:
CLASSCFG[prod] QDEF=normal
After the modification restart maui.

  • In order to avoid that yaim overwrites this file during the host reconfiguration, set:
in your site.def (the first time you launch the yaim script, it has to be set to "yes")


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