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1 VOMS EMIR Configuration

You can use EMIR-SERP to publish voms information to EMIR. EMIR_SERP uses the information already available in the resource resource bdii (aka ERIS) and publish it to an EMIR DSR endpoint.

First check that the resource bdii is up and running. Executing

ldapsearch -x -h localhost -p 2170 -b 'GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue' objectCLass=GLUE2Service
should return two services for each vo installed on the machine. If this is not the case, there is some problem with your installation.

Then install serp

sudo yum install emir-serp

and edit the configuration file /etc/emi/emir-serp/emir-serp.ini, providing the url for the EMIR DSR and the url for the resource bdii

url =
resource_bdii_url = ldap://localhost:2170/GLUE2GroupID=resource,o=glue

You can change the update interval

# Period of registration/update messages
# Mandatory configuration parameter
# Value is given in hours
period = 1

and the time EMIR will be told to consider the information valid

# Time of registration entry validity
# Mandatory configuration parameter
# Value is given in hours
validity = 2

You might want to set the logging level to debug the first time you start the service

verbosity = debug

Start the service

sudo service emir-serp start

and check the log file for an entry like

2012-12-06 12:48:41,444 DEBUG REGISTRATION: Endpoint ID: madreteresa.cnaf.infn.it_VOMS_257915444_voms-admin_3180715378_valerio; URL:

It is recommended to set back the logging level to error and restart the service.

Stopping emier-serp will cause the entry to be deleted.

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