Voms Admin Client 1.2.15

Release Notes

* Changes in glite-voms-admin-client 1.2.15

*** Bug # 18140: create-group option doesn't work properly in the
    command line

    Now the create-group command asks only for one parameter (the name
    of the group), the parent group will be deduced (actually, the
    parent group parameter was ignored on the server side so it was
    useless). Note also that, like before, the vo root group part of
    the fully qualified group name can be omitted, i.e., if the group
    to be created is called /vo/ciccio, where /vo is the VO root
    group, the command accepts both the "ciccio" and "/vo/ciccio"

* Changes in glite-voms-admin-client 1.2.14

*** Added client side support for voms-admin generic attributes

-- AndreaCeccanti - 20 Nov 2006

Topic revision: r1 - 2006-11-20 - AndreaCeccanti
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