VOMS-Admin Server 1.2.19

Release Notes

* Changes in glite-voms-admin-server 1.2.19.

** Service changes

*** Bug #13888: Got more roles than expected for user ""

   Fixed. Voms-admin failed in retrieving roles when there were two
   users with the same dn (but different cas, and thus two distinct
   users) registered in the db.

*** Bug #15794: voms and voms-admin status script return value incorrect

   Now voms-admin init script returns the correct return value.

* Changes in glite-voms-admin-server 1.2.18.

** Service changes

*** Bug #17476: voms-admin fails in creating users correctly on oracle

   A missing commit statement caused the user creation to fail from
   time to time on an oracle installation.

** Installation changes

*** Bug #15539: voms-admin must support oracle complex connection strings

   Support for oracle long connection strings have been implemented
   in the voms-admin-configure script. It is now possible to pass the
   connection string to be used via the --oracle-conn-string
   parameter at configuration time.

* Changes in glite-voms-admin-server 1.2.17.

** Service changes

*** Generic attributes support

   Support for generic attributes has been implemented in this release.
   Now administrators can bind generic (name,value) attributes to specific
   users, groups or roles in the voms databases. These attributes are then
   encoded as attribute certificates in the proxy certificate generated
   by voms.

*** DBCP connection pool support

   Support for the apache DBCP connection pool has been included in this
   release. The new connection pool implementation can be enabled setting
   the voms.database.dbcp-pool configuration parameter in

*** Bug #16246: voms-admin-configure fails when DBA password contains '

   Fixed. Now the dba admin password is correctly escaped by the
   voms-admin-configure script.

*** Bug #16245: Removing a VO should call check_parameters()


*** Bug #16472: VOMS Admin voms.request.webui.enabled config parameter does not work

   Implemented. Now request.webui may be disabled at configuration time.

*** Bug #15566: VOMS Admin does not enforce the correct group semantics

   Previous versions of VOMS Admin allowed users to be members of
   subgroups without being members of their parent groups.  Also,
   users could have a role in a group without being a normal member
   of the group.  This bug is now fixed.

** Installation changes

*** voms.massage script included in the package:

   Running this script will fix the results of

   /opt/glite/etc/config/scripts/glite-voms-server-config.py --configure

   by correcting the Oracle library paths and setting up the Admin
   and VOMS services to use the correct connection string to access
   the production database cluster at CERN.  It will also set up the
   *_W accounts on Oracle.

*** voms-ping and voms-check script included in the package:

   The voms-ping script is used to monitor the voms' servers
   behaviour.  Its return status will be 0 if all server are up and
   running, 1 otherwise. For more information see

   The voms-check script uses voms-ping to check voms status and, in case
   of failures, send warnings via email to a specified set of
   interested remote parties.

*** HOW_TO_INSTALL_A_PRODUCTION_VO instructions included in the package 

-- AndreaCeccanti - 14 Nov 2006

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