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Paricipants: Maria Alandes Pradillo, Andrea Ceccanti, Maria Dimou, Tanya Levshina, Lanxin Ma, Remi Mollon, Ian Neilson.

Duration : 1h


Review requirements for Generic Attributes (GA)

Developers discussed the requirements on GA as collected here. Tanya L. identified a problem with a requirement expressed by the ATLAS experiment, i.e., the ability for the registration service to suggest a nickname for a user on the basis of the AFS or NICE username at cern. Implementing this feature is problematic since currently it's not clear how the view from the CERN HR db (orgdb) should be extended to give vomrs access to the nice or afs login for cern registered users. So, for the moment, it was agreed that this requirement will not be implemented. In contrast, voms-admin and vomrs will implement the possibility for a user to suggest a value for the GA that the admin may later approve

Update on Voms admin 2.0

Andrea C. reminds that voms-admin 2.0 has been released, with 2.0.1 coming shortly after the meeting. The main difference between 2.0.1 and 2.0 is that the former builds on etics, and will carry potential bugfixes after the interoperability tests with vomrs.

The new voms-admin provides and updated GA api and implementation that is compliant with the requirements expressed here, together with completely redesigned database and web interface.

Get update on GA API fixes for voms-admin 1.2.x

The bugs found by Tanya in VOMS-ADMIN 1.2.19 GA api will be tested by Andrea and fixes will be provided in 1.2.20 ASAP.

Discuss testing environment

Tanya would like to have access to a test installation of voms-admin 2.0 ASAP in order to test interoperability with voms. Andrea will provide access to a test machine at cnaf in order to speed up the interoperability testing process. When VOMS-Admin 2.0.1 will be released, Maria A. will be able to get a tarball or rpm from the etics repository and install voms-admin 2.0 on a test machine @ CERN.

OCI driver support

voms-admin and vomrs have shown to work with the oracle oci driver (@ the vom(r)s workshop in january), however tomcat configuration must be changed. The task has been assigned to joachim flammer (

Andrea says that voms-admin 1.2.20 (and 2.0.2) will implement the packaging required to support the oci driver support.

-- AndreaCeccanti - 06 Mar 2007

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