This tutorial assumes that you have GIT access to WMS repository It will help you to build all the component that you get when cloning the WMS GIT repository without the etics's build automation tools.


  • A "virgin" SLC6 installation
  • yum-autoupdate disabled; execute as root:
chkconfig --level 0123456 yum-autoupdate off
/etc/init.d/yum-autoupdate stop
  • EMI2 repo for external dependencies installation via yum; execute:
rpm --import RPM-GPG-KEY-emi
yum -y install yum-priorities
rpm -ivh emi-release-2.0.0-1.sl6.noarch.rpm 
  • Remove the pre-installed c-ares package (that is wrong version):
rpm -e --nodeps c-ares-1.7.0-6.el6.x86_64
  • Install all needed dependencies:
yum -y install mod_fcgid mod_ssl gridsite-apache httpd-devel zlib-devel boost-devel \
                     c-ares-devel glite-px-proxyrenewal-devel voms-devel voms-clients argus-pep-api-c-devel \
                     lcmaps-without-gsi-devel lcmaps-devel classads-devel glite-build-common-cpp \
                     gsoap-devel libtar-devel cmake globus-ftp-client globus-ftp-client-devel log4cpp-devel \
                     log4cpp glite-jobid-api-c glite-jobid-api-c-devel glite-jobid-api-cpp-devel openldap-devel \
                     glite-wms-utils-exception  glite-wms-utils-classad chrpath cppunit-devel \
                     glite-wms-utils-exception-devel glite-wms-utils-classad-devel glite-jdl-api-cpp-devel \
                     glite-lb-client-devel glite-lbjp-common-gsoap-plugin-devel

Log out from root account and as normal user (having the GIT access as said above) clone the WMS repository:

cd $HOME; git clone --progress -v WMS

In order to build all the component downloaded in WMS you must follow the dependency chain.


-- AlviseDorigo - 2012-10-04

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