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1 WMProxy Service

1.1 About WMProxy

WMProxy is a new component to access the EMI Workload Management System (WMS).

The need of such a component, besides adhering to the emerging design methodology called Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), is to improve the performance of existing similar components, to handle more efficiently a large number of requests for job submission and control and also to provide additional features.

The WMProxy is implemented as a Web service. The Web is considered a successful technology mostly because of its simplicity and ubiquity. A Web service allows us to take advantage of the benefits of the Web, not only to provide information, but also to offer services to a greater community of possible users.

Since the European Middleware Initiative (EMI) Middleware is a composition of Grid services provided by different vendors and/or operated by different organizations, the Web services technology is a powerful means to achieve service interoperability and allow easier compliance with emerging standards such as Open Grid Services Architecture (OGSA) and Web Services Resource Framework (WSRF).

1.2 Client configuration

C++ WMProxy client commands behavior may be configured by editing a proper configuration file. Here follow the steps needed to properly configure file location on client side:

  1. For each supported Virtual Organisation a directory must be created, with the following name:
    /etc/glite-wms/<vo name-lowercase>
    (e.g. for dteam /etc/glite-wms/dteam)
  2. Files installation:
    (version > 3.1.9) installs a template file in the following location:
    This file should be copied with the name "glite_wmsui.conf" in each directory created in step 1)

    for backward compatibility (version <= 3.1.9) old configuration file name approach is still accepted
    This file should be copied with the name "glite_wms.conf" in each directory created in step 1)
  3. Edit the configuration files, e.g.:
    and check if desired parameters are correctly set, e.g.:
          WMProxyEndPoints = {"https://ghemon.cnaf.infn.it:7443/glite_wms_wmproxy_server"};
          ErrorStorage = "/var/tmp"; 
          OutputStorage= "/tmp";
          ListenerStorage = "/tmp";
          VirtualOrganisation = "dteam";
                  RetryCount = 3;
                  ShallowRetryCount = 3;
                  rank =  -other.GlueCEStateEstimatedResponseTime;
                  requirements = other.GlueCEStateStatus == "Production" ;
                  myCustomizedAttribute = "foo";
    For backward compatibility (version <= 3.1.9), WmsClient section of the configuration file will contain above attributes
  4. Configuration file attributes description
    A brief summary of all supported attributes for the configuration file follows.
    : list of endpoints URL of the WMProxy to contact.
    ErrorStorage: path of the directory where the UI creates log files.
    OutputStorage: path of the directory where the job OutputSandbox files are stored if not specified by the user through commands options.
    : path of the directory where are created the pipes where the glite_wms_console_shadow process saves the job standard streams for interactive jobs.
    : the virtual organisation used to perform the operation
    JdlDefaultAttributes: (version >= 3.1.13) This is a classad attribute and allows the user specifying a set of attributes/values that will be automatically inserted in the submitting JDL
    For backward compatibility (since version < 3.1.13, JdlDefaultAttributes section not present) following attriubtes will be taken in consideration:
    Rank: default value for the ranking expression in the JDL.
    Requirements: default value for the requirements expression in the JDL (a further condition on the submitting requirements will be added)
    RetryCount: default value for the RetryCount attribute in the JDL.
    MyProxyServer: MyProxy server address. To be set only if proxy renewal has to be enabled for all requests.
    LBAddress: this attribute forces the WMProxy server to register jobs and/or log events to the specified LB.
  5. Configuration File Priority
    Attributes listed configuration file described in step 2) may be overridden by (in order of priority):

    --config option of WMProxy Client commands
    $HOME/.glite/<vo name>/glite_wmsclient.conf

    Please note that the attributes not present in the customized file, yet listed in file described in step 2), are inherited by final configuration attributes. If the user does not want to inherit a specific attribute, he may assign a null/empty value (depending on the type).
    Please notice that default configuration files will be parsed anyway: default attributes will be taken in consideration when not found on customized configuration file.
  6. Other client configuration steps:
    • Make sure $GLOBUS_LOCATION/lib and $GLITE_LOCATION/lib are included in the LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    • Add $GLITE_LOCATION/bin to your PATH

-- FabioCapannini - 2011-11-04

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