Extended Release Notes for EMI WMS 3.5.0

1 Supported platforms

Scientific Linux 5.x x86_64

Scientific Linux 6.x x86_64

2 Major changes

2.1 Enabled Argus-based access control using the glite-CE/WN profile

2.2 Integrated EMIR-SERP with existing service configuration and deployment on the server side. The WMS is able to register to an EMIR instance specified by configuration.

- Ceased distribution of WMProxy Java API, UI C++ API, UI Java API

- Support for StorageAccessProtocols has been added to the GLUE2.0 information provider


Support for glue2 must be enabled in the configuration, through the parameter EnableIsmIiGlue20Purchasing (see admin guide). The WMS appends extra requirements to the ones provided by the user in the JDL. These are specified by the configuration attribute WmsRequirements, which is in GLUE 1.3. To fully enable support for GLUE 2.0, this parameter must contain a valid GLUE2.0 expression, so the one provided with the default won't work. Here's a translation of the default WmsRequirements expression in GLUE2.0:

((ShortDeadlineJob =?= TRUE ? RegExp(".*sdj$", other.ceid) : !RegExp(".*sdj$", other.ceid)) && (other.Glue2.computing.share.MaxRunningJobs == 0 || other.Glue2.computing.share.totaljobs < other.Glue2.computing.share.MaxRunningJobs) && (EnableWmsFeedback =?= TRUE ? RegExp("cream", other.Glue2.Computing.Endpoint.ImplementationName, "i") : true) && (member(CertificateSubject,other.Glue2.Computing.Share.Policy) || member(strcat("VO:",VirtualOrganisation),other.Glue2.Computing.Share.Policy) || FQANmember(strcat("VOMS:", VOMS_FQAN), other.Glue2.Computing.Share.Policy)) is true && FQANmember(strcat("DENY:",VOMS_FQAN), other.Glue2.Computing.Share.Policy) isnt true)

2.3 Restructuring of the build structure and artefacts

A relevant number of components has been unified. This does not immediately affects performance nor introduces new features, but it greatly helps sustainability and consolidation. In particular:

* glite-wms-classad_plugin, glite-wms-ism, glite-wms-helper, glite-wms-broker, glite-wms-brokerinfo, glite-wms-matchmaking, glite-wms-manager have been unified into glite-wms-core

* glite-yaim-wms, glite-wms-configuration have been merged into glite-wms-configuration

* glite-wms-wmproxy, glite-wms-wmproxy-interface have been merged into glite-wms-interface

2.4 Nagios probes are distributed with the release. The same suggestions valid for CREAM apply:


2.5 Configuration Changes

To enable publication of service records to the EMI service registry, set in the site_info.def the following variables:

BDII_EMIR_SERP_PERIOD=1 # refresh rate in hours
BDII_EMIR_SERP_VALIDITY=2 # validity of the records in hours

and run:

/opt/glite/yaim/bin/yaim -r -f config_emir_serp -s siteinfo_/site-info.def

3 Installation and configuration

Clean install:

- yum install emi-wms emir-serp condor-emi

- run configuration

Several components have been grouped together/removed, this has to be taken into account when updating from an older version. How to update:

- yum remove glite-wms-classad_plugin glite-wms-ism glite-wms-helper glite-wms-brokerinfo glite-wms-broker glite-wms-matchmaking glite-wms-wmproxy glite-wms-manager glite-yaim-wms # remove components that do not exist anymore

- yum install emi-wms emir-serp

- yum update

- run configuration

4 Known issues

- A workaround needs to be applied when installing versions of HTCondor >= 7.8.6 (needed to enable submission to the ARC CE using GRAM). In the pre-script glite-wms.pre, add:

#TEMPORARY WORKAROUND for http://ggus.eu/tech/ticket_show.php?ticket=88630
#We install custom emi-condor 7.8.8 but then the spool folder changed location so we must create it
#for condor to start successfully
config_condor_wms_pre () {
mkdir -p /var/condor/spool

Reconfiguration is needed after this step.

- Authorization based on Argus does not work in SL6, because of a well known-bug in libcurl/nss. When this gets fixed, a mere update will restore the functionality.

-- MarcoCecchi - 2012-06-22

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