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Impulse Test LogBook


- on wms002 is the sensor

- submitting cycle in cert-ui-01:/home/danilo/IMPULSETEST/ (replicated on ui and /home/cesini)

- lb010 purging arguments: GLITE_LB_EXPORT_PURGE_ARGS=${GLITE_LB_EXPORT_PURGE_ARGS:---cleared 2d --aborted 60d --cancelled 2w --other 60d}

- lb007 purging arguuments: GLITE_LB_EXPORT_PURGE_ARGS=${GLITE_LB_EXPORT_PURGE_ARGS:---cleared 60d --aborted 60d --cancelled 60d --other 60d} (changed 31/12/2009)

- available in pccesini:/home/cesini/Dropbox/getdata/ creates high frequency wmp_in data starting from the date generated by

- also reads the load data from the meminfotest_coll_3.log file generated by test.s, it creates a file with 4 columns: start_epoch end_epoch wmp_in load at the same frequency of time file

Test 1:

date: 16/12/2009 (17:00)

wms: wms002

lb: lb010

datalocation: cert-03:/data/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA

Note: 10 collection 100 nodes each

Test 2:

date: 17/12/2009 (17:00)

wms: wms002

lb: lb010

datalocation: cert-03:/data/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA

Note: 2 coll 100 jobs each + 500 single jobs

Test 3:

date: 22/12/2009 (17:00)



datalocation: original data in cert-03:/data/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA

wmp_in data at the same frequency of the data created in pccesini:/home/cesini/Dropbox/getdata/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA available also on :

they were created using available in pccesini:/home/cesini/Dropbox/getdata/ and on the web

The file impulse_wmp_in_20091222.txt contains 4 columns: startdate_epoch enddate_epoch wmp_in load_1_min

Note: 2 coll 100 jobs each + 1 coll 500 jobs - jobid in cert-ui-01: /home/cesini/IMPULSETEST

Test 4:

date: data taking started on 29/12/2009



datalocation: original data on wms006:/root/

data snapshot created on pccesini:/home/cesini/Dropbox/getdata/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA on 31/12/2009

data processed with create_wmp_in... outfile is in pccesini:/home/cesini/Dropbox/getdata/IMPULSE_TEST_DATA/impulse_wmp_in_20091229.txt

in firstmodel.mat di modilecesini in desktop:IMPULSE_TEST_DATA file .mat with model examples. 

To test with lower frequency and load 5min

Note: empty wms put into production, running at 10s frequency

Test 5:





-- DanieleCesini -

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