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NEW Installation for emi-WMS/LB, WMSMonitor 3.0

A completely new version of WMSMonitor is made available, for Pre-View testing.
For the moment being we only deploy sensors in a tarball, and you can use the WMSMonitor server Instance available at INFN-CNAF to visualize your instance data.
Notice that this new version can be installed on emiWMS/LB only on SL5/64 platform.

Here some of the novelties introduced with this new version:

  • New web Interface with separate frames for WMS and LB instances
  • Data collection is now asynchronous, in fact a cron job executes sensors on monitored WMS/LB instances and send data to WMSMonitor server consumer
  • Messaging is now based on Active MQ
  • WMS job workload management rates are now derived exploiting LB api
  • Handling of several LB instances for each WMS
  • both globus and emi-cream JSS case is now handled
  • globus JSS error statistics available


To be part of the preview, please write to wms-support asking for the tarball. Then follow instruction:

  1. Make sure you have your emi WMS / LB instance installed and you have root privileges on it
  2. $> cd /opt
  3. $> tar -xvzf WMSMonitor.tgz (--> untar the tarball we provided you with)
  4. $> cp /opt/WMSMonitor/sensors/bin/WMSMonitor.cron /etc/cron.d/
  5. Edit /etc/cron.d/WMSMonitor.cron uncommenting the WMS or LB line respectively (depending on the service hosted in your instance)
  6. IMPORTANT --> tell us the hostname of instance to be monitored
  7. Wait till first cron job to start and check whether a file like /tmp/WMSLOCKFILE_1312453801.45 exists
  8. go to INFN-CNAF WMSMonitor 3.0 monitor server with a valid user certificate and flash player in your browser and enjoy...


  1. WMSMonitor "user mapping" functionality requires wmproxy loglevel set a 6 in glite_wms.conf file
  2. Required package lsof.x86_64 installed on WMS/LB instance

WMSMonitor SERVER (Not Available for Download YET: WORK IN PROGRESS)

Adding instances to monitor to WMSMonitor server

  1. Given an LB and a WMS instance to monitor:
    1. Enter Mysql database wmsmon:
    2. mysql$>call insertHostLabels(<WMS-HOSTANME-WITH-DOMAIN>, 'WMS', <VO(for multi-vo services set 'multi')>, <VO_GROUP(ex. 'analysis','mc_production',etc.)>, <SERVICE_USAGE(ex. 'production','test',etc.)>, 1, <HOST-SITENAME>);
    3. mysql$>call insertHostLabels(<LB-HOSTANME-WITH-DOMAIN>, 'LB', <VO(for multi-vo services set 'multi')>, <VO_GROUP(ex. 'analysis','mc_production',etc.)>, <SERVICE_USAGE(ex. 'production','test',etc.)>, 1, <HOST-SITENAME>);
    4. mysql$> call insertLBHost();
    5. shell$> python /opt/WMSMonitor/collector/bin/ stop
    6. shell$> FROM SHELL: python /opt/WMSMonitor/collector/bin/ start

Configuring Load Balancing in WMSMonitor server

  1. Set the dns contact in site-info.def
  2. Set the passwd for dns contact in site-info.def
  3. Define aliases in the dns contact
    1. For each given ALIAS and WMS instance associated:
      1. Enter Mysql database wmsmon
      2. ADD ALIAS: mysql$> call insert_loadbalancing_ALIAS(enable_flag #is the alias in use#, numout #number of instances to leave out of alias per period#, subtest_enable #IS a submission test to be used in status metric#, alias_name #without domain#);
      3. ADD HOST TO ALIAS mysql$> call add_wmshost_to_ALIAS(WMS_HOSTNAME_WITH_DOMAIN, ALIAS_NAME_WITHOUT_DOMAIN, SPARE_LABEL #1 if wms associated but not used#);

-- DaniloDongiovanni - 2011-12-20

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